CPN/Tools Demo

CPN/Tools: A Tool for Editing and Simulating Coloured Petri Nets

M. Beaudouin-Lafon, W. Mackay, M. Jensen, P. Andersen, P. Janecek, M. Lassen, K. Lund, K. Mortensen, S. Munck, A. Ratzer, K. Ravn, S. Christensen, K. Jensen
(Aarhus University)

CPN/Tools is a tool for editing and simulating Coloured Petri Nets. The interface is based on advanced interaction techniques including two-handed interaction, toolglasses and marking menus. Using these techniques CPN/Tools challenges traditional ideas about user interfaces, getting rid of pull-down menus and scrollbars. The demo will focus on the new interaction techniques, which have proven to be very efficient when working with Coloured Petri Nets, and which we believe will be suitable for graph editing and layout in general.