The ASF+SDF Meta-Environment: a Component-Based Language Development Environment

M.G.J. van den Brand, J. Heering, H.A. de Jong, M. de Jonge, T. Kuipers, P. Klint, L. Moonen, P.A. Olivier (CWI Amsterdam),
J. Scheerder (Utrecht University),
J.J. Vinju (CWI Amsterdam),
E. Visser (Utrecht University),
J. Visser (CWI Amsterdam)

The ASF+SDF Meta-Environment is an interactive development environment for the automatic generation of interactive systems for constructing language definitions and generating tools for them. Over the years, this system has been used in a variety of academic and commercial projects ranging from formal program manipulation to conversion of COBOL systems. Since the existing implementation of the meta environment started exhibiting more and more characteristics of a legacy system, we decided to build a completely new, component-based, version. We demonstrate this new system and stress its open architecture.