MMAABS: Models and Methods of Analysis for Agent Based Systems

Many technologies now exist for building software and hardware systems in an "agent based" style. Engineers are expected to build individual systems with high degrees of autonomy and release these into a loosely constrained environment where they may interact with other systems about which they have little knowledge. It is difficult, but necessary, to predict what the large-scale behaviour of such systems might be. The only way to obtain this knowledge in advance of deployment of systems is through modelling and analysis. The range of possible analytical methods is, however, diverse and most of these are untested on real situations. The principal aim of this workshop is to bring together those with expertise in analysis and experience in building or managing large scale agent based systems. Special emphasis will be made on the use of models and techniques coming from the areas such as ecology and economics which, in their own ways, have already faced this sort of large scale modellign problem.

The workshop will provide:

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