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TOSCA'00: virtual proceedings

Speakertitle (abstract ps/pdf)
BaldanP Concurrent Semantics of Graph Transformation Systems (ps)
BodeiC nuSPI: History Depending Encryption (ps)
BorealeM Symbolic analysis of cryptographic protocols (ps)
BruniR First order and higher order tile models for open and mobile systems (ps)
BusiN On the expressiveness of Linda and Timed Linda (ps)
CardelliL Logical Properties of Name Restriction (ps) slides(ppt), ps, ps
DamianiF Dynamic Object Re-classification (ps) links
DezaniM Finitary Logical Semantics (ps)
FerrariG Calculi for Network Aware Programming (ps)
GorrieriR Non Interference for the Ananlysis of Cryptographic Protocols (ps)
HonsellF Theory and applications of Pre-logical Relations (ps)
InverardiP Il Progetto SALADIN
LabellaA Process algebra, Nondeterminism, Regular Expressions (ps)
MiculanM Towards a general framework for metareasoning on HOAS encodings (ps) slides(ps)
MoggiE MetaML: structural reflection for multi-stage programming (ps) slides(pdf)
MontanariU Minimal HD-Automata, Structured Coalgebras and the Pi-Calculus (ps) slides(ps)
PuglieseR Klaim and its Access Control Mechanisms (ps) links
SangiorgiD The behaviour of typed processes (ps)
SegalaR Hybrid I/O Automata (ps)
TronciE A Probabilistic Approach to Automatic Forma Verification (ps)
ValenteA Types in the abstract machine implementing SA (ps)
ZuccaE True Modules for Java Classes links