New Trends in Semantics

Satellite Workshop to ICALP'97

4-5 July 1997, Bologna, Italy

Talks and abstracts

Samson Abramsky
Game Semantics: a review of some recent developments (50 minutes)

Vincent Danos
Games semantics: primitive operations (50 minutes)

John Power
Weak higher-dimensional categories (50 minutes)

Davide Sangiorgi
Symmetries and dualities in the pi-calculus (50 minutes)

Harry Mairson
Parallel beta reduction is not elementary recursive (50 minutes)

Gian Luca Cattani
Presheaf Models over Recursively Defined Path Categories (40 minutes)

Jan Rutten
Recent developments in coalgebra (40 minutes)

Olivier LY
On Logical Hierarchy of Graphs (25 minutes)

Stefano Baratella
A parallel game semantics for linear logic (25 minutes)

Kalyan S. Basu
Simplicial sets as sequential geometries (40 minutes)

Ugo Montanari
Tiles for Coordination (40 minutes)

RFC Walters
Span(Graph): A Categorical Algebra of Transition Systems (25 minutes)

Giuseppe Rosolini
Closed free exact categories (25 minutes)

Eugenio Moggi
Functor categories and partial evaluation (25 minutes)

Lars Birkedal
Equilogical Spaces and the Exact Completion of Top0 (25 minutes)