EXPRESS 97: List of Accepted Papers

Absolute versus Relative Time in Process Algebras
                     by Flavio Corradini

On Expressive Completeness of Duration and Mean Value Calculi
                     by Alexander Rabinovich

What is a `Good' Encoding of Guarded Choice?
                     by Uwe Nestmann

Eager, Busy-Waiting and Lazy Actions in Timed Computation
                     by Flavio Corradini,GianLuigi Ferrari,Marco Pistore

Process Rewrite Systems
                     by Richard Mayr

Domain Equations for Probabilistic Processes
                     by Christel Baier, Marta Kwiatkowska

Process Creation and Full Sequential Composition in a Name-Passing Calculus
                     by Thomas Gehrke,Arend Rensink

Relating Semantic Models for the Object Calculus: Preliminary report
                     by Luca Aceto, Hans Huttel, Anna Ingolfsdottir, Josva Kleist

Specification in CTL+Past, Verification in CTL
                     by F. Laroussinie, Ph. Schnoebelen

On the Turing--Equivalence of Linda Coordination Primitives
                     by Nadia Busi, Roberto Gorrieri, Gianluigi Zavattaro

Bisimilarity of Open Terms
                     by Arend Rensink

Confluent Rewriting of Bisimilar Term Graphs
                     by Zena M. Ariola, Jan Willem Klop, Detlef Plump

Zero-Safe Nets, or Transition Synchronization Made Simple
                     by Roberto Bruni, Ugo Montanari