CTCS'97, 4-6 September 1997: Conference Programme

Conference address: Hotel Regina Elena
Lungomare Milite Ignoto 44, 16038 S. Margherita Ligure, Italy
phone: +39 (185) 287003, fax: +39 (185) 284473

Wednesday, 3 September
18.00-19.30 Welcome Reception and Registration
Thursday, 4 September
09.00-10.10 Invited Talk by Richard Bird: Allegories as a basis for algorithmics
10.15-10.40 Coffee Break
10.40-11.15 Proof Principles for Datatypes with Iterated Recursion
by Ulrich Hensel, Bart Jacobs
11.20-11.55 A Calculus for Collections and Aggregates
by Kazem Lellahi, Val Tannen
12.00-12.35 When do datatypes commute?
by Paul Hoogendijk, Roland Backhouse
12.40-13.40 Lunch
14.45-15.55 Invited Talk by John Baez: An introduction to n-categories
16.00-16.30 Coffee Break
16.30-17.05 A factorisation theorem for external derivations
by Paul-Andre Mellies
17.10-17.45 Monads and Modular Term Rewriting
by Christoph Lueth, Neil Ghani
17.50-18.25 A 2-Categorical Presentation of Term Graph Rewriting
by Andrea Corradini, Fabio Gadducci
Friday, 5 September
09.00-10.10 Invited Talk by Barry Jay: Separating shape from data
10.15-10.40 Coffee Break
10.40-11.15 Presheaf Models for the pi-Calculus
by Gian Luca Cattani, Ian Stark, Glynn Winskel
11.20-11.55 Categorical Modelling of Structural Operational Rules: case studies
by Daniele Turi
12.00-12.35 Specifying Interaction Categories
by Dusko Pavlovic, Samson Abramsky
12.40-13.40 Lunch
14.45-15.55 Invited Talk by Gordon Plotkin: Algebraic Completeness and Compactness in an Enriched Setting
16.00-16.30 Coffee Break
16.30-17.05 Lifting
by A. Bucalo, G. Rosolini
17.10-17.45 General Synthetic Domain Theory -- A Logical Approach
by Bernhard Reus, Thomas Streicher
17.50-19.00 Discussion on CTCS
20.00-22.30 Conference Dinner
Saturday, 6 September
09.00-09.35 Shedding New Light in the World of Logical Systems
by Uwe Wolter, Alfio Martini
09.40-10.15 Combining and Representing Logical Systems
by Till Mossakowski, Andrzej Tarlecki, Wieslaw Pawlowski
10.20-10.50 Coffee Break
10.50-11.25 A decision algorithm for linear isomorphism of types with complexity O(nlog^2n)
by Alexander Andreev, Sergei Soloviev
11.30-12.05 Effectiveness of the Global Modulus of Continuity on Metric Spaces
by Klaus Weihrauch, Xizhong Zheng
12.30-13.30 Lunch
Free Afternoon

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