CTCS'97, 4-6 September 1997, S. Margherita Ligure, Italy
URL "http://www.disi.unige.it/conferences/ctcs97/"

CTCS'99 (Edinburgh) CTCS'97 is the 7th conference on Category Theory and Computer Science. The purpose of the conference series is the advancement of the foundations of computing using the tools of category theory, algebra, geometry and logic. While the emphasis is upon applications of category theory, it is recognized that the area is highly interdisciplinary. The proceedings will be published by Springer as volume 1290 in the LNCS series. The conference will take place at Hotel Regina Elena, a 4 stars hotel with private beach, located in S. Margherita Ligure. This is a beautiful sea resort in Liguria very close to Portofino promontory and about 30 km east of Genova.
Programme committee
S. Abramsky Edinburgh (UK)
P.-L. Curien LIENS (France)
P. Dybjer Chalmers (Sweden)
P. Johnstone Cambridge (UK)
G. Longo LIENS (France)
G. Mints Stanford (USA)
J. Mitchell Stanford (USA)
E. Moggi Genova (Italy)
A. Pitts Cambridge (UK)
A. Poigne GMD (Germany)
G. Rosolini Genova (Italy)
D. Rydeheard Manchester (UK)
F-J. de Vries ETL (Japan)

Deadlines: 15 July 1997 early registration,
31 July 1997 guaranteed hotel reservation

Invited speakers
J. Baez, Univ. of California at Riverside (USA)
R. Bird, Oxford Univ. (UK)
B. Jay, Univ. of Technology Sydney (Australia)
G. Plotkin, Univ. of Edinburgh (UK)

Local organization: E. Moggi, G. Rosolini
Conference e-address: ctcs97@disi.unige.it

Related events: Express'97 workshop,
8-12 Sep 1997, S. Margherita Ligure, Italy

Sponsors: Italian CNR (GNIM and Comitato 12), Universita' di Genova
Contact Information:
E. Moggi (CTCS'97), DISI, v. Dodecaneso 35, 16146 Genova, Italy; fax: +39 (10) 3536699
E. Moggi, email: moggi@disi.unige.it , phone: +39 (10) 353 6629
G. Rosolini, email: rosolini@disi.unige.it, phone: +39 (10) 353 6630
Venue: Hotel Regina Elena, Lungomare Milite Ignoto 44, 16038 S. Margherita Ligure, Italy; phone: +39 (185) 287003, fax: +39 (185) 284473

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