Please, complete the form (plain ASCII file here) below deleting as appropriate, and submit it by either of the following
e-mail to: with Subject: CT200, registration
fax to: CT2000 desk (fax number +39 031573395)
post to: CT2000
Centro di Cultura Scientifica "A.Volta"
Villa Olmo - Via Cantoni, 1
22100 Como (Italy)

CT2000, at Villa Olmo, Como (Italy), July 16-22 

Family Name	________
First Name	________
Title	Prof/Dr/Mr/Mrs
Telephone	________	Fax	________
E-mail	________

Name of Institution	________________

Address	________________
Town	________	Zip Code	_____	Country	________

REGISTRATION FEE:      Lit.		25/180000
n. ___ DINNER TICKETS: Lit. 7/14/21/28/35/...0000
TOTAL: 		       Lit.		     0000

Total amount paid in Italian Lira by:

* Eurocheque/Banker's Draft (I enclose proof of payment)

* Credit Card Charging:	Mastercard/Eurocard	Visa 
			Card Number _______________	Expiry Date __/__/__
			Name of cardholder	________

			Signature of cardholder ............................


I would like to have a receipt/an invoice

Invoice to be addressed to	______________

V.A.T. identification no./P.IVA o Codice Fiscale	____________

The registration fee is Lit.250000, reduced to Lit.180000 for students.
Also consider that the conference dinner will be on Wednesday, July 19, and the cost of a dinner ticket is Lit.70000.

Please, note that if paying by Eurocheque or Banker's Draft you must send a proof of payment with the registration form.

Eurocheque should be addressed to
         "Centro Volta"
Villa Olmo
Via Cantoni 1
22100 Como (Italy).

Banker's Draft should be drawn on bank account
c/c 21407/1 "Centro Volta"
CARIPLO, Via Rubini 6, 22100 Como
with explicit reference to "CT 2000".

Bank codes: ABI 06070 - CAB 10900 - CIN O.

Please note that we may NOT prepare an invoice without a V.A.T. identification number.

Also note that confirmation will not be sent to participants. The list of participants is updated very often from June 12, so consider checking there.
In case you need explicit confirmation, please send an e-message giving the details about how confirmation should be written.