S. Awodey
Toward Mac Lane Set Theory
S. Awodey and A. Bauer
Sheaf Toposes for Realizability
R. Blute, J.R.B. Cockett and R. Seely (2)
The logic of linear functors
J.R.B. Cockett and R. Seely
Finite sum-product logic
B. Coecke, D. Moore and I. Stubbe
(Categorical) Quantum Process Semantics
T. Datuashvili
On Categorical Properties of Mac Lane-Whitehead Construction
F.J. Dìaz, J. Remedios and S. Rodrìguez-Machìn
Categories with a natural cone: Generalized homotopy theory
K.A. Hardie, K.H. Kamps and H.J. Marcum
Higher Order Toda Brackets for Bicategories
P. Hines
A categorical view of Kleene's theorem
P. Katis, N. Sabadini and R.F.C. Walters
An algebra of automata for reconfiguring networks of interacting components
T. Leinster
What's a monoidal category?
J. MacDonald
Soft Adjunctions and Simplicial Structure
P. McCrudden
Opmonoidal monads
M. Menni
Generic Proofs and Chaotic Situations
S. Niefield
Exponentiable morphisms: posets, spaces, locales, and Grothendieck toposes
P. Resende
Quantales as spaces of dynamical systems
D. Zangurashvili
Local factorization systems and Stabilization-localization of factorization systems