CT2000 - Villa Olmo, Como (Italy)
July 16-22, 2000

Family Name


First Name(s)












Sex     M          F
Fax (office)




Arrival date


Departure date


Please, reserve:___single room(s)
___double room(s)
___double room to be shared with _____________________________
in a: **** hotel
*** hotel
** hotel

A deposit corresponding to the amount of Lit. 100.000 per person is requested.

N.B. Reservation is not guaranteed after June 12, 2000.
No refund of deposit will be made without a written cancellation (by e-mail or fax) after July 6.

Date _____________________ Signature_______________________________

Please, complete the form above with a typewriter or in capital letters
and send it to:
Centro "A.Volta" Secretariat
Villa Olmo, Via Cantoni 1
22100 Como (Italy)
fax +39.031.573395
to arrive by 12th June 2000.

For any problem or further information, please contact Miss Chiara Stefanetti (e-mail: stefanetti@icil64.cilea.it)

Specific information about hotel reservation (dates of booking, hotel address) will be sent by email around June 20 to each participant who sends the form before June 12. Each other request will be processed as soon as possible, and specific information shall be sent accordingly.
For any problem, send email.

Hotel prices for the year 2000 (Lit. min./max.)
category single room double room breakfast
**** 165.000 / 200.000 230.000 / 260.000 Incl.
*** 115.000 / 150.000 165.000 / 190.000 Incl.
** 100.000 / 110.000 130.000 / 150.000 Incl.