Proceedings of the Workshop held in Pisa, September 14-16,1998

  Semantics for Object-oriented Programming
  Foundations for Extensible Objects with Roles, Giorgio Ghelli and Debora Palmerini
 abstract: text, paper: gzipped ps 48k
The Best of Objective ML, Didier Remy, Jerome Vouillon
 slides: gzipped ps 95k
  Program Structuring
Program Structuring in Haskell, Mark Jones
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A categorical semantics of MetaML, Eugenio Moggi
 slides: gzipped ps 46k
Mixin Modules, Davide Ancona
 slides: gzipped ps 34k
  Integration of Functional Languages and Proof Assistants
A Modular Module System, Xavier Leroy
 paper: gzipped ps 147k, slides: gzipped ps 32k
  Verification Methods
General Synthetic Domain Theory - A Logica Approach, Berhard Reus and Thomas Streicher
 slides: gzipped ps 174k
Types for Mobile Ambients, Andy Gordon
 slides: gzipped pdf 85k
Call-By-Push-Value: A Subsuming Paradigm, Paul Blain Levy
 paper: gzipped ps 127k
  Automatic Program Transformation
Semantics modifiers and inverse computation, Sergei Abramov, Robert Glück
 abstract: text
A Semantics of Type-Directed Partial Evaluation, Andrzej Filinski
 slides: gzipped ps 156k
Specifying the Semantics of Program Specialization Using Type Theory, Peter Thiemann
 abstract: text
  Games, Sequentiality, and Abstract Machines
Realizability models for sequential computation, John Longley
 paper: gzipped ps 76k
  Types and Type Inference in Programming
Type-based Analysis of Uncaught Exceptions, Francois Pessaux, Xavier Leroy
 slides: gzipped ps 86k
  Semantics-based Optimization
Linear Types and Non-size Increasing Polynomial Time Computation, Martin Hofmann
 paper: gzipped ps 71k
Linear Abstract Machines with the Single-pointer Property, Francisco Alberti, Valeria De Paiva, Neil Ghani, Eike Ritter
 slides: gzipped ps 188k
  Domain Theory and Real Number Computation
Lazy Computation with Exact Real Numbers, Abbas Edalat, Peter Potts, Philipp Sünderhauf
 paper: gzipped ps 118k
Real Functions Computed by Finite Automata, Achim Jung
 abstract: text
Effective and Sequential Definition by Cases on the Reals via Infinite Signed-digit Numerals, Martin Escardo
 paper: gzipped ps 104k, slides: gzipped ps 125k
  Contributions for the Industrial Panel
What does industry want from the semantics community?, Bent Thomsen
 slides: html
  Contributions for the Brain Storming Session
Type-based Compilation, Alan Mycroft
 paper: gzipped ps 80k
Wide Area Languages, Luca Cardelli
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