First annual meeting of ESPRIT WG APPSEM
14-16 September 1998, Pisa, Italy
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The 1st annual meeting of the ESPRIT WG APPlied SEMantics is held in Pisa in conjunction with the SAS/PLILP/ALP'98 (14-18 September 1998) and several other satellite events.

Programming languages are the material from which every software product is built. They therefore have a huge economic impact: better programming languages will lead to higher programming productivity, reduced maintenance, and increased software reuse. Europe has great strength in programming language research, with many world leaders both in semantic theory and in implementation. The purpose of the WG is to bring these researchers together, with the specific aim of improving the communication between theoreticians and practitioners, and between people with different expertise. In this way we wish to focus theoreticians' attention on important practical problems as well as to speed up the application of new theoretical ideas in practice.

The aim of the meeting is to plan the research and collaboration that should take place in each of the 9 WG topics (for each topic there will be a session organized by the topic leaders). Time will be allocated also for discussion.

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